Debussy concert by Estampes & Made in Asia




Finished my busy days with a concert in Mons Conservatory on Thursday where we played Debussy Sonata for Debussy year as Estampes (flute, viola & Harp). Beautiful but very delicate work.

It was the concert for the Debussy festival at the Conservatory of Mons (Art2 ) where I studied with Marc Grauwels. I think this was the first time I played there since my last exam. Debussy sonata is a beautiful and dreamy work but very delicate. I prefer play it in the middle of the concert.

Then next day "Made in Asia" at Brussels Expo as the Atelier de flute with Gahô Takahashi koto (Japanese harp) player, for the stand where we gave demonstrations and instruments trials.

Some of my students came to help me even from Paris. I don't see my students so often for the lessons but because we participate together in those events as the Atelier, we can build a good relationship (I believe...) and I really love this part of my work.

I'm happy & lucky to have my students who love the shinobue, koto ... and who are interested in my culture. They encourage me to spread these instruments and its music. Thanks a lot to all. 

After those busy days, of course we have to go to Japanese restaurants. Ajiyoshi - 味よ志 - & Menma.

Ajiyoshi @ Brussels 


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