Japan Expo 2018



I participated in the Japan Expo one of the biggest expos about Japanese culture in the world. Each year, there are 250,000 visitors over 4 days. Most of them are young teenagers and they come to enjoy cosplaying at the Expo. 

Most of culture presented there is pop culture but there is some traditional culture presented as well. 

I have participated in it for 4 years. In the first two years, I presented my instrument, shinobue at the stand of Tsunagari Taiko center. Last year, I had my own stand as Atelier de flûte, then this year we had a big stand as "Tsunagari village" with 4 Japanese traditional culture groups. 


This year I've also played on the stage as solo "Nozomi Kanda". I thought it would be difficult for my music to be appreciated in that environment, as my music is calm, gentle and my performance is visually simple. 

However it was the chance to introduce my instrument to 250,000 people (perhaps not all of them would be interested) so I wanted to try... but my worries were unnecessary. Before I could even scream "Are you ready??!!!" or "Are you ooooon!!!???" the audience was with me and my music. I could communicate my own way. Some people even came to my stand to say how much they liked the sound of the shinobue. 

This time, I also sold my CDs. I'm thinking about making another one for next year. 


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