Noon concert in Mons / Estampes


From Facebook Page / KANDA Nozomi MUSIC

Today I had a noon-time concert as Estampes. We played the famous Debussy's sonata for flute, viola and harp, Music for the passing summer of Freidlin, and the Petite suite of Jolivet. 

I studied at the Conservatory in Mons for 4 years and I think I played for the first time in Mons after many years since my graduation. Time flies, I still feel that I have been there just a few years ago... 

The Arsonic where we played today is a very nice hall with nice acoustic and staff is kind and so organised. 


The stage light was ready when we arrived the hall for the general rehearsal, everything is on time, they came to call us exactly the time they had told us. Behind the stage, one of the staff told us that we could go to the stage in 5 seconds 

Wow! We were all impressed and felt being in Japan where the schedule is done for every single minute. 

After this great experience, I went to the station to go back to Brussels by train. 
The station has been under the construction since 2013 (I think?) which is supposed to be ready for European Capital of Culture city in 2015. But we can only find a part of a roof and the frames for stairs (without stairs) waiting to be attached to a corridor since (at least) the winter 2015 . 

We could not find the way to get in the station due to this work so that I missed my train. I waited for 30 minutes then I took the train which had a problem and they cancelled it on the way.

Yes, I'm surely not in Japan. 

But still, I had a nice day with the nice staff of Arsonic and warm audience. People in Mons are generally warm and kind. I had exactly the same impression when I've just arrived from Japan more than 10 years ago.

Grand place in Mons 


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