Butoh Workshop

Today I translated for Seiji Tanaka Butoh dancer's workshop. I was lucky to have this occasion because it was really interesting to know the Butoh and its philosophy.  

I attended also his performance last Friday. Before going, I was thinking it would be nice if I can find some ideas for my musicale performance...but it was more than I expected. I found not only the idea but the essence of the art. I was completely drawn into his dance (well it is completely different from normal "dancing") that I didn't feel time passes. 

I wonder how can he keep the audience attention. Today I was so excited to discover his butoh. 

I found the Butoh is much more spiritual and has own strong philosophy than normal dance, a bit like the No theatre (Japanese traditional theatre) which I learned just a little when I was in Japan. 

This workshop was so deep mentally and all participants worked hard. At the same time, what I liked is, he said clearly all those exercises are to make universal art and not to be sentimental or to be narcissist... 

The conversation we had during and after the workshop was also so interesting for me as an artist. 

He said, in the beginning of the workshop, "Your life will change after today's workshop 

Oh, I hope so! Even I just translated and didn't do any exercises... 

Today I was so happy to be an artiste to share this workshop


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