Shakuhachi lecture in Tokyo



I attended a shakuhachi lecture given by Kiku Day at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo. 

Akihito Obama a shakuhachi player whom I met last year at his concert in Antwerp and he introduced me Kiku a shakuhachi player from Denmark, who is very active in Europe and other countries.

She lectured about the difference between the Jinashi Shakuhachi (地無し尺八) and the Jinuri shakuhachi (地塗り尺八). 

I didn't know about those two different type of shakuhachi.

The differences are : 

Jinuri shakuhachi 
  • stable tune
  • bigger sound 
  • Little herder tone color.  
  • Tuning by painting the lacquer inside the tube (Manufacturing process)
  • Often making the joints
Jinashi Shakuhachi
  • unstable tune
  • smaller sound 
  • Soft tone color.  
  • Tuning with bamboo sections and hole sizes  (Manufacturing process)
  • Often not making the joints

Kiku Akihito Obama play the Jinashi shakuhachi and apparently who can play the Jinashi shakuhachi can play also the Jinuri shakuhachi but not the other way.  Because it is more delicate. It is like who can play the traverso (baroque flute) can play the renaissance flute but not for people who play only modern flute. Often the ancients flutes are more delicate to play while all modern flutes are modified to play easier. 

All Japanese instruments are very simple compare to modern European instruments but still we can find some developments for those instruments! It was very interesting. 


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