Fusion Japonais in Strasbourg




I have just come back from Strasbourg where I gave a shinobue workshop and a concert with Hideaki and Mieko as Fusion Japonaise at the Conservatory of Strasbourg. 

I have always wanted to give a workshop for kids in a music school but I had never had a chance. So this time I was lucky.  Some mini-flutists played easy Japanese mélodie and others tried to make a sound... The shinobue is not big bat it looked like big instruments with some of them :-) 

Children also participated in our concert as a chorus. They learned a song in Japanese. So lovely. We also played Debussy "Rêverie" with shinobue, shamisen & koto.... It is not easy at all but it was interesting. I know many Japanese instrumentalists do this kind of arrangement in Japan. 

Thanks to the conservatory for inviting us to this project & thanks to Hideaki who made this chance. 

Auditorium of the Conservatory 

I also visited the modern & contemporary museum where you could find works of Kandinsky with music of Schoenberg. 

Then I took the direct TGV to Brussels which EXCEPTIONALLY stopped at Lille-Europe and I had to wait for 2 hours at the station to take another train. Because I also had to wait for hours my train because of their strike on the way to Strasbourg, unscheduled stop at the station became normal and it was like waiting a TGV for hours was my hobby.

I had to stay standing up between Lille-Brussels by the door after waiting for two hours. Maybe they wanted to punish me because I had wrote badly about their strike on my SNS. I hope for my next journey with TGV, they forgive me and I will have my place, arrive where I have to be on time without waiting for hours at the station.

Strasbourg Cathedral 

In front of Gare de l'Est  (East station) in Paris during their strike. 


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