Concert & Stand @ Made in Asia in Brussels


Week-end with Made in Asia in Brussels. 

We had a stand, as "Atelier de flûte" my flute & shinobue school, where people can try the shinoue. 

And we had a two concerts, one small concert on Friday and another longer concert on Sunday. We played one Japanese classical piece, some folksongs (Takeda no komoriuta, kokiriko-bushi the oldest folksong, Donpan-bushi) & Hana, popular song inspired by Okinawa melody. 

The idea of this song's lyric was made when the singer was watching theclosing ceremony of Tokyo Olympic in 1964. He was touched by Olympic athletes smiling, crying, hugging together without regard to race, religion, or nationality. 

The lyric says "Let's bloom flowers in your heart". I found this message is also nice for us in 2017 :-) 

During this song, one of musician got off the stage to distribute paper flowers (Origami) made by us to the audience :-) 

We finished our concert with Donpan-Bushi and as usual the audience sang with us :-) 

During the expo, many people visited our stand and tried the flute. There is no picture with full of people (even it was!) ... but we had a nice time to present our traditional flute :-) 


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