Garden events in september



Last Sunday, we were supposed to play for the closing of a garden event (which had 1300 visitors for 4 WEs). We had a lot of sunny days in September this year. 

But on that Sunday when we woke up, it was raining.... Not only raining, it was so very windy too. So we thought it would be difficult to play outside. 

And then, i called the organiser before noon and they said normally there was supposed to be walking program in the garden (promenade in the garden), planned for during the day. But of course nobody came because there was too much rain.

They said because there was no program, it would be difficult to hold the concert because it was planned to be the closing event of the festival. So they called me back at 1:00 to say that the concert was cancelled.

At that moment, the koto player was at my place, as well as the other player, the one who plays the hurdy-gurdy And because the concert was cancelled, we thought we could play together for fun.

Because i had always wanted to play japanese instruments with ancient European instruments, this was the perfect opportunity. Since ancient European instruments weren’t modified since the 17th century, they would sound different from modern European instruments, and therefore I wanted to hear how ancient European instruments sounded when played with Japanese instruments.

What they would played if Japanese and European musicians  met in 17th century... with their instruments! I always think about it. 

So we decided to try something play together to have fun! 

And finally during we were chatting in the kitchen suddenly I got a call and finally the organiser told us "we hold do the concert so please come" 


Because it was cancelled we started to treat it as it was a normal day, it was difficult to change our minds again for the concert but still it was nice to share the moment with the audience who decided to come to listen us :-) 

And finally two days later, on Tuesday, I played in the garden in Kalhmthout for the Tsukimi Event.  It was very cold but the staging was very nice and dreamy with the balloon to resemble the full moon and the storyteller and the dancer performed inside. 

Because of the smoke of fireworks at the end, the view was With the smoke of fireworks at the end, it made a dreamy view with candles and the real moon. 


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