Atelier de flûte & its vision



It was time to have a "vison" page on the site of the Atelier de flûte. It is not easy to spread instruments that are not known in a country. I often have the impression of having only a small influence, but for me to see my students playing this instrument is a pleasure and I hope there will be more and more.

The Atelier de flûte aims to spread the traditional Japanese instruments in foreign countries, not only traditional music but also the music of our time. 
Classical Western music has been broadcast all over the world, now in many Asian countries there are amateurs learning European instruments and music lovers going to classical music concerts. 

Japanese music, which also has its history, in some respects, older than that of Western classical music, is the result of a culture and aesthetics of its own. Despite its history, this music has remained rather confined inside Japan, and it is rare to hear it in Europe. 

We wish with our work, to spread and transmit this music here in Europe, hoping to form and arouse vocations with amateurs or professionals, and thus contribute to the cultural wealth of our time. 

Our vision is not only to transmit Japanese music and its instruments and philosophy in Europe, but also to build bridges with today's music. For this, we collaborate with professional musicians playing Japanese instruments, musicians on European instruments, European composers ... to keep our instruments alive.

We will participate in the Made in Asia in Brussels 16-17-18 March !!!

This year we have a booth where you can hear our demonstration (Nozomi kanda, students of the flute workshop) with Koto (Gaho Takahashi) and there is also the flute trial. 


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